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Extremely thorough handwritten reports, following Google Quality Raters (GQR) with a focus mainly on improving your E-A-T score. All reports include technical audits and action plans.

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Did your site suddenly lose traffic over a short period of time? Or has it just stayed at the same level over the years without any improvement? Perhaps you want the traffic to increase over time.

We specialize in improving the site quality following the GQR guide, a guide developed by Google to steer the manual review team on how to review site quality to judge who deserves a better position. We literally review page by page and check it against the GQR and give your site a score and an action plan on what to fix. On top of that, we audit your site for any technical issues and deliver a solution-based strategy that will work.

What is included in our reports

All of our reports are handwritten, there is no automation involved. Our team of reviewers follow a specific guide and manually inspect each element in an extremely thorough way that takes us 1-2 weeks of investigation.

Prices start at $2500 USD and it will cover:

  • Analytics analysis
  • Homepage assessment
  • Site crawl and technical overview
  • Page speed analysis
  • Thin content review (Panda penalty review)
  • Google BERT update review (with suggestions to rank on voice inquiries and search snippets)
  • Quality Raters’ Guidelines Review
  • E-A-T assessment (with competitor E-A-T analysis)
  • Site Value as compared to competitor
  • Link quality assessment (Penguin penalty review & removal)
  • Content strategy for 6 Months (with blog post topics, resource pages ideas, and linkable assets)
  • Link building strategy with a focus on custom outreach

You will receive a thorough report along with a large number of suggestions for improvement with an action plan for your team to execute, or we will execute it for you.

Please note that if you buy one of our retainer packages, this site quality assessment is included (all-inclusive) with recommended steps, a one-year content plan and a link building strategy that focuses on custom outreach. You can learn more about our retainer packages here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a Google Rater do and how does it affect the ranking?

Google raters evaluate and direct the search algorithm following specific instructions provided by Google with a focus on the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). The search quality evaluator guidelines are used by human quality raters (not the AI).

They don’t directly affect the ranking but their assessments are used to improve Google’s search algorithm. The impact can be broad, it can affect a specific sector or a category rather than sites or pages of individuals or companies.

Why does it matter to you? For a simple reason – to elevate your quality rating. By doing so your site will be in good favor with the algorithm and more likely to be rewarded with better ranking.

2. What are the most important factors of a page quality rating?
  • A secure and accessible website
  • Page speed (including Mobile Page Speed)
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Domain age, URL, and authority.
  • Optimized content.
  • Technical SEO.
  • User experience (RankBrain)
  • Links – Source of links and trust factors
  • Transparency (who produces the content)
  • The purpose of the site
  • Content authority/Quality
3. What is the E-A-T score and why does it matter?

 E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. It’s part of Google’s ongoing attempt to improve the search algorithm and in stopping people from cheating the system so that searchers find meaningful, thoughtful and helpful content that answer their questions and improve their life.

Link building is one of those factors that impact the A score (authority of the sites). However, link building is only part of the puzzle. Google now has the ability to gather information from multiple sources rather than relying on links on its own to credit a site with better ranking. For example, they can connect the dots between authors of the content, the source of links, engagement rate, social signals, etc.

Sponsored posts, guest posts or user-generated content all send hints to Google and those hints directly impacting the E-A-T score of a site.


4. What tools do you use for doing a Site Quality Assessment?

We use Sitebulb as our main crawler and it gives us broad hints of where to look, from there we manually inspect the pages following a set of instructions. Other than that we use Ahref as the main links analysis tool and SEMrush for content analysis.


5. What is included in the link quality assessment?

Our link quality assessment analyses the site backlinks (referring domains) one by one to measure the E-A-T of each with an analysis of the spam score. Any link that is marked with a high spam score will be added to the disavow list. In case of sites that are impacted by a penalty, we will work closely to analyze the bad links and work on removing that penalty.

6. What are YMYL Pages and how do I know if my site is a YMYL or not?

 YMYL stands for Your Money Your Life; any page content or site that directly impacts the life or the money is considered a YMYL. This type of content requires the highest GQR score to be able to rank and compete.

With our site review assessment, we will mark out any content that is considered a YMYL and recommend a specific targeted strategy to boost the ranking of those marked pages.

7. What is BERT Update and how does this assessment cover it?

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations, a deep learning algorithm related to natural language processing developed by Google to help the search algorithm understand the content better. This update directly impacts the search voice result and rich snippets.

We cover all the BERT markups during our analysis of the website content. The assessment will look for opportunities that correlate with the BERT update so that the content can be easily interpreted by the algorithm, hence increasing the chances of winning search snippets and voice inquiries.

8. What is included in the content strategy?

The content strategy includes a 6-month detailed plan that cover all aspect of content marketing with a specific focus on

  • Blog posts (the type of topics, content pillars, keyword research) with a goal to win indirect keywords to boost the traffic more
  • Resource pages (long-form content, gated content, guides)
  • Linkable assets (sharable content that encourages shares, engagement) with a goal to win more links.
9. What is included in the link building strategy?

A full and comprehensive 6-month link building strategy that covers

  • A list of authoritative blogs to pitch for
  • An accurate measure of the number of links needed and what type of links (based on competitor backlinks profile and page 1 results)
  • A custom outreach plan with pre-written templates

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