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All the answers to your sEO questions and beyond!

Can You Explain The 3 Packages?

We have 3 packages, each offering a unique set of features.

Basic: Designed for local businesses in a non-competitive industry with an internal team (writer/dev). Not inclusive of content, and max hours allocation is 40h/mo. Will require effort from the business. 

Impact of Basic: Slow growth, fewer keywords to target, joint effort (client needs to cover content). 

Plus: Designed for businesses that operate in a competitive market and need more and faster growth. Inclusive of content writing, outreach, and bi-weekly reporting. Hours allocation is double the basic plan (80h/mo). 

Impact of Plus: Fast growth, more keywords to target, better quality links. 

Pro: Designed for high-level businesses that need maximum effort to push the limits of SEO. More content, more links, and more resources allocated to the project (150h/mo). 

Impact of Pro: Faster growth, unlimited keywords to target, diverse methods of building links, accurate attribution.

Can You Guarantee Results? And When Do I See the Results?

SEO is not as predictable as other channels, and many factors can influence the algorithm. But, based on our experience, we have a 9 out of 10 success rate (90%), so the chances are pretty high that you will see a positive ROI in 6-12 months. 

The key is to be patient and to stay on track. 

When to see results? 

Most of our clients begin to see results in 2-3 months followed by a dramatic increase in traffic, conversions, and ROI within 12-24 months. 

*New sites take longer to prove themselves; for new sites, it takes 6-8 months to see some results and 18-24 months for dramatic results. Example: our client Lecturio traffic jumped by 922.38% in two years.

What strategy works best?

The best strategy is sticking to Google guidelines with consistency.

Here is what worked for our clients: 

  1. Technical health >90% maintained 
  2. Content calendar at least four blog posts a month
  3. Always on an on-page SEO plan  
  4. Always-on active link-building strategy


Some businesses prioritize conversion, and some prioritize traffic. We prefer both, with more emphasis on conversions (high intent keywords, high CPC value).

We often start with BOFU (those who want to buy now), then we move to MOFU/TOFU (those in the discovery/research stage). 

What is included in the web assessment?

We offer two types of assessments. 

Lite version: offered for free – a quick look to identify quick wins (opportunities). 

For the lite version, we only need to know your website URL. 

Click here to see a video about that 

*You can request a free assessment form here! 

Full version: a complete and comprehensive assessment that covers every single line of code, on-page, off-page and technical issues, along with a complete competitor analysis, insights, strategy, and a 6-month detailed plan. 

The full version is offered after signing the contract in the first month, and it takes about 2 weeks to complete. 

*We require access to GA/GSC and any historical data available.

What ROI should we expect?

Most businesses rely on organic search as the main source of discovery — it’s free and natural, and people trust it more than ads. 

If you do SEO correctly and stick to the plan with patience and understanding of the process, you can expect at least 10x times the ROI. 

If you put $36,000 annually into SEO, your ROI can be 10x that, but it will take time — SEO is a long-term plan. 

The question is, what a qualified lead worth for your business?

For example, one of our B2B clients sells medical devices for hospitals, with an LTV of >$50k. From SEO alone, they got 627 leads, 48 of those turned into customers, creating 2.4 million dollars in revenue just from SEO. Their spending on SEO is $10,000/mo, including content, links, etc. $120k for 2.4M is 20x ROI. 

You can see from the screenshot (Hubspot) that the organic channel and direct traffic are the highest revenue drivers for that business. 

A higher LTV allows the business to invest more in SEO, hence faster results and higher growth. 

Another example is a SaaS business that sells subscriptions for $699/mo, with an LTV of $8,388. They spent $1200/mo on SEO and in 10 months (see screenshot) they got 99 demo calls and 61 sign-ups (paid). 

61*$8,388 LTV=$100,656 revenue generated from SEO only (they are also active on paid ads, email marketing, and social). 

Spending $1200/mo to get $120k (annually) is a 10x ROI.

How you build links?

We use a variety of methods in building links, following Google guidelines at every step along the way. We’re a white-hat SEO agency and never use or encourage bad practices. 

Here are some of our methods:

Method 1: Guest posts 

Guest post placement allows more control over the link-building process and can be very effective, since it’s fast and targeted. 

We have over 10,000 sites in our network that accept guest posts placements. Even though some are paid placement (mostly to cover the editor’s time in publishing/editing the content), we assure you that all links are dofollow and not labeled sponsored. 

Here are some samples from our clients 

  • >DA50
  • >DA50
  • >DA50

The quality of the links metrics depends on the packages — the basic has lower quality metrics, and the pro has higher quality metrics. 

What about the reporting? 

We offer full transparency with our reporting. All our links are reported with the metrics and cost breakdown. All sites are pre-approved, and content is pre-planned before we engage with the site editors. 

Unused credits will automatically roll over to the next month. 

If, for any reason, the links are removed within 12 months, we will replace them with a similar one. All our links are permanent and do-follow and vetted carefully following these metrics criteria: 

  • DA>30 
  • Traffic>1000 
  • Spam rate<1 (Moz) 
  • High relevance score (similar topics) 

Method 2: Custom Outreach

Outreach is a natural process of offering valuable content to an authoritative site. The topic is often well-researched and designed to deliver value to readers. 

The links are often exclusive to a resource page or to a study/research. 

Some of the methods we use: 

  • Topic pitching to editors
  • Link exchange between non-competitive companies 

With outreach, we often use several pitches and customize it for each opportunity. Often, we A/B test several templates and pick a winner based on the response rate.  

Outreach success depends on who contributes the content, and we have in our network dozens of world class writers who are known globally. 

Who will work on our account?

We have a very clear and straightforward way of communication via one channel, Asana. 

You will be assigned a team and a strategist who also acts as a project manager. All communication is through one team member, but you will have access to all the team involved in the project. 

Tasks will be divided into milestones and tickets. Each ticket has a description, and a way to communicate directly on the ticket from Asana. 

How you Do The Reporting?

We track all the metrics early on during the assessment stage. Metrics are based on desired ROI, investment, and what is important for the business revenue. 

We provide several reports, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly, and there is a dashboard that is customized for easy access to data. 

Bi-weekly: Weekly progress update on Asana. It can be a meeting or summary via Asana.

Monthly: Progress report on traffic, keyword movements, conversions, and task progress. 

Quarterly: Deep analysis, website assessment, and strategy evaluation. 

How to get started and what you need from us?

We always offer a free assessment (a quick and smaller version of our full and in-depth assessment) for anyone who fills out the form. That comes with opportunity finding, strategy, and growth options. 

We recorded a video that explains exactly what you will get after requesting a free assessment. 

Click here to watch 

After that, we need you to pick a package that fits your needs. (We will recommend one during the assessment stage). 

After that, we would start the onboarding process, adding you to Asana, introducing you to your consultant, and request access to GA/GSC/Website.

If you haven’t booked a free assessment, click here now! 

If you have already booked a call, you need to pick a package from the proposal and contact your strategist to move forward. 

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