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Take your brand to the next level by connecting with the right influencers from Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Increase Brand Awareness

When customers see their favorite influencers vouching for your product or service, they are more likely to trust it and be willing to try it out.

Generate Authentic Content

Get access to authentic content created by someone outside your company or team. Influencers are often seen as trusted sources and can create engaging content that resonates with their audience

Conenct with the right influncer

Getting the most out of an influencer campaign often comes down to finding the right influencers who will align with your business goals. We will connect you to the largest database of micro, macro-influencers from South East Asia 

Grow your Sales & Revenue

Building up brand awareness and generating authentic content contributions, to creating strong relationships resulting in increased customer loyalty—the potential effects on sales & revenue go far beyond just short-term monetary figures!

Here’s How It Works

We improve your brand’s exposure by connecting your products to influencers who understand it 

Campaign Brief

Fill-up a quick questionnaire to help us understand your campaign goals


Our team will pick a list of influencers for your approval, that match your brand and then plan and execute the campaign. 

Get Results

We send you detailed reports that show progress and important metrics that we track since the beginning. 

Easy process – Full transparency – Measured results  

Our Clients Get Real Results

We have been serving clients across the globe delivering a simplified approach to SEO that has been proved to work for small businesses and larger enterprises.

I can tell they have our best interest at heart because they’re always going the extra mile for us. They increased our traffic and conversion by a mile within a very short time
Abby Kurry
Co-founder & CEO | Brandripe
They show tangible results. It’s a fantastic relationship. Our traffic is constantly increased since we started in 2020. On average, most of our targeted keywords are now on page 1
Stefan Merker
CMO | Lecturio Medical
I like their personality, where they're going, and their strategy. They built for us a functional site that generates traffic and constantly evolving. Their web assessment was very detailed.
Roy Nattiv, MD
Founder and CEO | Sporutedbiome LLC
Their team was smart, hard-working, and persistent, allowing them to always deliver on their promises. They have been with us for many years and always getting the best service
Jeffery Wnag
Founder & CEO | PerfectMoment
Very impressed with the thoroughness of SEO insight. We tried many vendors, only Incify managed to solve the issue for us; now our traffic tripled!
Arun Kumar
Co-founder & CMO | Shamalatech
They stand out among all of our vendors as one we can trust to do what they claim in a timely fashion. They helped us with automation and SEO.
Shane Philips
CEO of The Philips Group
We’re in a niche business area, so they’ve done an outstanding job coming up to speed. We saw a 200% increase in traffic within a short time
Angelo Mathews
Head of marketing | OwnMyCareer
If you are looking for the best Link Building and SEO assistance, I cannot say enough about Incify! They increased our traffic by 10x in 8 months
Mr. Wang
Head of Marketing | OnlyDinsaurs

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions below. If you cannot find the answer below, message us with your query.

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that focuses on influencers or individuals who have established credibility in a specific niche, industry, or community. Influencers can be anyone from celebrities and influencers with millions of followers to everyday people who have a strong online presence and influence in their local communities.

At Incify we work mostly with everyday-type influencers with smaller audiences, and combine that with social advertisement from the content produced by the influencers to deliver the best results possible, based on accurate data and A/B testing.

The influencer marketing industry in South East Asia is estimated to be worth about $1.4 billion, making it one of the fastest-growing areas for marketers and influencers alike.

The regions of South East Asia that are particularly thriving because of influencer marketing are Malaysia and Indonesia. In Malaysia, 41% of companies have adopted influencer marketing for promotional purposes; this figure rises to 50% in Indonesia. Furthermore, these countries boast some of the highest engagement rates from their audiences; Malaysian audiences are three times more engaged than other countries within South East Asia, while Indonesian audiences are four times more engaged than others.

This highlights just how effective influencer marketing can be when used correctly.

Having trusted names in the industry endorse your brand or product can often result in more conversions than would be achieved through conventional methods due to the fact that people are more likely to trust what their peers recommend than advertisements from big corporations.

Even small brands can benefit from leveraging on the word of mouth from influencers with small audiences when a campaign involves dozens of micro-influencers, it creates a ripple effect that can deliver high ROI, better than any other method.

Finding the right influencers to collaborate with can be a daunting task. With so many out there, it’s hard to know which ones will best represent your values and give you the most ROI for your investment.

At Incify we leverage data to find the best influencers who can truly represent your products and deliver them to their audiences naturally and smoothly. Once we receive your brief, our team will spend time in hunting for the right fit based on your campaign budget and deliver them to your doorstep for approval.

At its most basic level, an influencer marketing agency connects brands with relevant influencers in their industry. They help brands identify effective ways to work with influencers and build relationships that will produce positive results in terms of sales, conversions and engagements.

As mentioned previously, an important part of this process is identifying the right people that are connected and have influence within a given field or industry; meaning they typically have large and highly engaged social media followings or powerful web presences. Agencies can then use data-driven analytics to not only identify these influential people but also track key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure the success of campaigns.

Once potential influencers have been identified, agencies offer guidance on building relationships between brands and these key figures within the social ecosystem. This involves providing advice regarding messaging strategies, creating personalized stories and content assets that resonate with followers as well as ongoing monitoring of campaigns through KPIs like engagement rate and conversion rate.

Moreover, many agencies even manage creative production projects such as video, photo shoots or other digital works for campaigns – taking some of the legwork out of managing multiple aspects at once for busy marketers! Ultimately, with their expertise in all areas related to influencer marketing from strategy to execution, professional agencies can equip your brand with all it needs to successfully execute engaging campaigns tailored specifically towards your target audiences’ interests.

At Incify we cover all, from A to Z. You can send us a detailed brief with creatives and all, or we do that for you.

Here are some of the most popular types of influencers to consider:


Micro-influencers generally have less than 10k followers on any given channel. Despite their smaller followings, they offer excellent ROI due to their ability to target specific demographics and niche groups that are highly engaged with a particular topic or product. Micro-influencers also often charge significantly less than larger influencers who command six-figure sums for a post.

Celebrity Influencers

Celebrity influencers have millions of followers on various social platforms. Due to their reach and level of fame, they typically get paid very well for sponsored posts; however, it’s important to note that celebrities can sometimes be prohibitively expensive depending on their popularity. They’re also more likely to appeal to wider audiences – meaning if you want targeted followers who are interested in a specific product or service, this may not be the best choice for you.

Niche Influencers

Niche influencers don’t always have high follower counts – though some do – but they cater towards specific interests in one area or another (think fashion bloggers or beauty gurus). Their content does particularly well with targeted followers because the audience is already familiar with what they produce; as such, these types of influencer campaigns often see higher engagement rates than general campaigns targeting wider audiences.


Macro-influencers have an impressive reach—sometimes even larger than celebrity influencers—but generate far fewer engagements due to the sheer size of their following. That said, macro-influencer campaigns still make sense if you’re looking to build broad brand awareness on a budget since they may charge less per post compared to celebrities.

Engagement Influencer

Engagement influencer campaigns prioritize quality rather than quantity when it comes to followings and engagements. These types of influencers typically have higher follower counts (at least 20k) but engages with their audience regularly through comments and shares on their posts which helps cultivate community around them and makes them highly effective when working with brands.

At Incify we depend on Micro and Engagement influencers since those meet the budget of most businesses and offer more flexibility, higher engagement, and deliver better results.

User-generated content (UGC) has become an important part of influencer marketing. It is the content created by fans and followers that is shared via social media—often featuring themselves or products they are promoting—in order to create a more personal connection with their audience.

UGC can be anything from photos, videos, reviews, blogs and comments, as long as it’s created by an individual and shared with others on their various social platforms.

When done right, influencer marketing combined with UGC can be a powerful tool for any company looking to build trust with its target audience while simultaneously expanding its reach online. So if you’re thinking about adding this strategy in your promotional mix anytime soon, contact us today!

When working with an agency to create an influencer-driven campaign, there are several factors that come into play when determining how much it costs. Here are some of the most important ones:

Agencies’ Fees – Most agencies charge based on the size of the project and the amount of work involved. Often this means they take a percentage of ad spends as their fee. This can range from 10% all the way up to 50%.

Influencer Rates – The next major factor that comes into play is influencer rates. Depending on their level in terms of popularity (number of followers), celebrity status, engagement rate, etc., they may charge anywhere from $100 – $5,000 per post or more!

Ad Spend – User-generated content is often given a right for a short period of time to be used in campaigns, and depends on campaign objective, reach, impressions, and clicks.

Ultimately there is no right answer when it comes to how much an influencer’s marketing campaign costs when working with agencies since it depends greatly on a number of factors.

At Incify, we’re flexible, some campaigns will be a flat fee and some will be a percentage of the total budget.

Contact us today to learn more about the pricing.

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