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We hunt for dozens of opportunities, develop pitches, and reach out to blogs on behalf of your company, securing tens of quality links from real blogs with traffic.

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Choose the perfect link building service plan for your business. Our agency delivers a full, comprehensive service.

How Do We Build Links?

We offer two types of link building: custom outreach (editorial links from other blog owners) and guest blogging (hand-picked blogs that we’ve already established a relationship with). We recommend a combination of both.

Custom Outreach Process

1. We will be creating a custom plan for all the pages that you want to target (different from the homepage) with an anchor text roadmap.

2. We will be prospecting valuable sites in the niche that is relevant to your business.

3. We will be crafting the outreach emails for you and send them to you for approval. Once approved, we will launch the campaign.

4. Our blogger communication team will be handling all the opportunities until we score live links.

5. Custom blogger outreach is a lot more like sales — it takes time to build the pipeline. For the first month, we will put some of the budget towards pipeline building activities.

6. During the second month, we unleash the full budget so we can start getting links. You will get a link tracker and a rundown of prices per link. If, at the end of the month, we haven’t built links worth the budget you’ve chosen, we use that rollover in the next month and add it to the next invoice — so none of your money is lost.

Guest Blogging Process

  • We will first set up a link tracker for you. We’ll need you to give us exact URLs you’d like to build backlinks for (and anchor text if you have a preference) so we can select suitable and relevant sites for your review and approval.

    2. Once sites have been approved, we’ll prepare the invoice and then work on getting the content created. There is no approval step in the content creation process, so if you have specific topics you would like us to write about, please provide those guidelines beforehand.

    3. We will submit the articles to the websites and share live links with you.

    4. Our target delivery date is 30 days from the day we have all the links, anchor text, approved guest posting sites and paid invoice.

    5. Any orders that can’t be completed within 60 days will be refunded. We will assign a project manager who will provide weekly updates on our progress every Friday.

Get A Free Back-link Strategy

Don’t scratch your head about this any further, jump into a call with us and let talk about developing a link-building strategy for you. 

Get A Free Back-link Strategy

Don’t scratch your head about this any further, jump into a call with us and let talk about developing a link-building strategy for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is blogger outreach?

Defined as site mentions from other blogs that relevant to your industry. Those mentions can have many forms, it could be a branded mention where they mentioned your brand or company, or it could be an editorial mentions.

Is blogger outreach similar to a guest posting service?

The methodology of blogger outreach services are very similar to guest posting services; however, the final link mention with a blogger outreach service is considered to look far more natural. Guest posting is contributing to a blog as a ‘guest author’ which means the link mention will probably reside within an author bio. With blogger outreach, we’ll reach out to relevant and active bloggers and collaborate on a content piece which includes only editorial link mentions. That means no author boxes as the content will be written in collaboration with the blog owner and published as their piece.

Where are the links placed?

All our links are placed in an editorial in-contents style. They exist with the contextual flow of the content, just like citations in researched papers. We will write an article and mention your website as a source of information. This is the most natural form of link building and the hardest to get.

Who writes the content?

We collaborate with a team of talented freelance writers; they trained to write in ghostwriting style, magazine quality, and all the contents will be developed to add value to the readers, in the same time incorporate your links naturally.

What will the content be about?

We write content that is designed to educate the blog owners audience. The content will be completely non-promotional (i.e., not about your website directly) and will be impartial. This will help us secure content placements on good mid-tier quality blogs and will also ensure your link is as naturally crafted as possible.

What is “DA”?

DA stands for Domain Authority. It’s a metric developed by MOZ, and it’s a scoring system to filter out influential blogs from weak blogs. Take this example (a fresh website with a few links is any website with a DA less than 10. On the other hand, Forbes has a DA of 90) its take years for a site to jump from 10 to 40. The higher the DA, the more effort it needs to secure a link from them.

High profile sites with DA30-40 require more efforts; usually, the editorial requirements are high, and the content should be well written and researched before submitted and that takes a lot of time.

How Long is the Content?

By default, your link will be placed in a 500-700 word article. Its depend on the editorial requirements of the blog. However, some blogs will ask for a minimum of 1000 words.

Are This Links “Safe”?

We never buy links; it’s against Google guidelines. Buying links can penalize your website, and the damage can be severe. We will never risk our clients business for silly shortcuts. All our links are a result of hours and hours of hard and manual work. Ask us about it, and we will share the process from A to Z.

Do you accept all niches?

We don’t accept pharma, gambling, adult or anything illegal/unethical.

What about anchor texts?

We don’t use any geo-targeted anchor texts as its spammy, and not natural. The blog owners will most likely remove the geo-targeted anchor texts.

Can I Pre-Approve the Content?

The content are written in a ghost-style format; It’s never about your brand or service. It’s written as an educational piece of content that naturally link to other websites and yours for references. The blog owners have the final say on the contents.

What about refunds?

There are no refunds for our service because you’re paying for a process. However, if we failed to secure a link for you, the remaining budget will be carried on to the next month.

Do you pay the bloggers?

On occasion, yes. 
Some bloggers request money for the time it takes to review the article and post it, which in our opinion is fair. 
This is not disclosed in the article.

What’s the turnaround time?

For a standard order of around 5-10 links, our goal is around 4 weeks. 
This is due to the amount of time it takes to secure the opportunities, write the article, and communicate with the blogger. 
Regardless, we send updates at the beginning of each month.

Am I the only one in the post?

We to try to include several clients in a single article. 
This is what allows us to keep the prices reasonable. 
We only include relevant, non competing clients in each article.

Can I choose the websites beforehand?

We discourage this because it interrupts the flow and slows down delivery. 

That is why we have a rigorous review process so you can trust us to choose the right sites for you.

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